This list shows the teams and their members for which entries have been received.

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Grade Team Members
MJ 6 hour20 - Don't be late back!Fergus O'Neill, Louie Howell
MJ 6 hour42 - God SquadBen Hay, Alex Braun
MO 6 hour21 - The Spanish InquisitionSteve O'Neill, Toby O'Neill
MO 6 hour30 - The DutchiesBart van de Poll, Thomas Van de Biezen
MO 6 hour31 - A Stag AnonTony Watson, George Watson
MO 6 hour33 - Last MinuteDavid Ruddenklau, Daniel Holland
MO 6 hour44 - Pirasnga ludovicanaTroy Watson, Jimo Hobbs
MV 6 hour16 - Missing BitsDouglas Woods, Colin Dixon
MV 6 hour19 - Ready G...oTrevor Merrifield, Graeme Read
WO 6 hour5 - Muscles & MascaraJuanita’s Vaszilyko, Stacey Cowan
WO 6 hour7 - Not so CommonAnne Commons, Natasha Commons
WO 6 hour22 - Round 2Chris Hohe, Yvonne Grosch
WO 6 hour25 - ReidanatorsCathy Reid, Rachel Reid, Mandy Reid
WO 6 hour26 - The Pye'sPenny Mouat, Charlotte Hand
WO 6 hour27 - Adventure before dementiaJenni Blyleven, Amanda smith
WO 6 hour28 - Two KatiesKatie Smith, Katie Symons
WO 6 hour29 - Nice day outfay isherwood, Gill Campbell
WO 6 hour34 - Brokeback moutainetsCharlotte Lordan, Alida van Vugt
WO 6 hour37 - The Newly MetsLisa Ainley, Vera Kocon
WO 6 hour41 - What, No Stu ?Kim Turney, Vanessa Kelk, Hannah Morris
WO 6 hour43 - Scooby SnacksMichelle McConnon, Claire Chatterton, Anne Murphy
WV 6 hour15 - Jo and VicVictoria Moore, Josephine Lohrey
WV 6 hour17 - Wonky DonkeysChris Dixon, Caroline Elliott
XJ 6 hour23 - Insert_good_team_name_hereLiadan Dickie, Noah Fenwick
XO 6 hour2 - Where's RobbyJo Forbes, Rob Harrow
XO 6 hour3 - Not over the hill yetBrian Wilson, Rachel Simons
XO 6 hour8 - SambriSam White, Bridget White
XO 6 hour13 - Partners in climbNicolas Dubois, Irina Sizova
XO 6 hour18 - B(ee) teamEmma Rogers, Zack Williams, Jonathan Carr
XO 6 hour32 - EarlybirdsDavid Early, Shayna Early
XO 6 hour35 - Reds RevengeMark Flintoft, Amy Streeb
XO 6 hour36 - Faff QueensNicola Whelan-Henderson, Anthony Botha
XO 6 hour39 - Andi NOT lostMike Blyleven, Andi Fear-ross
XO 6 hour40 - Blind following the blindChris Greenan, Lottie Armstrong
XO 6 hour45 - Masters Family :)Janelle Trounson, Haysely Masters, Bella Masters, Tane Masters, Asha & Charlie Masters
XV 6 hour4 - Cruising the MallWayne Millow, Liz Millow
XV 6 hour14 - The OldiesAnne Kennedy, Peter Squires, Bill Kennedy
XV 6 hour24 - Racey DelaceysEmma de Lacey, Guy de Lacey
XV 6 hour38 - Andrew and KathrinKathrin Mueller, Andrew McGowan
XV 6 hour46 - Kimba and CoWendy Riach, Ian Huntsman
Total entrants for 6 hour: 88
MJ 3 hour158 - The RefrigeratorsShaun Brookes, Corin Brookes
MO 3 hour156 - The PinochiosStuart Payne, Rufus Baxendell, Remo Roberts
MO 3 hour178 - Craig&ShaneCraig Cox, Shane Horgan
MO 3 hour188 - Hamster JamMark Henwood, William Reeve
MO 3 hour189 - Silver Desert PandasBlake Shirley, Jonny Pethybridge
WJ 3 hour152 - The H teamHolly Ross, Hannah Watt
WJ 3 hour167 - I Don't KnowPhoebe Hunt, Anna Babington
WO 3 hour9 - TJTracy Ross, Jane Heatherington
WO 3 hour154 - K&KKate Cambie, Kate Purdie
WO 3 hour155 - CALamityLara Hopwood, Caroline Philip, Andrea Firth
WO 3 hour157 - Out There Doing ItChris Boyd, Eleta Deal
WO 3 hour161 - Drivers roadEmma Johns, Anthea Williams, Penny Willocks
WO 3 hour164 - Gone GirlsDebbie Wilson, Karen Lindsay-Lees
WO 3 hour168 - Boss One and Boss TwoLisa Chubb, Val Fletcher
WO 3 hour169 - Nut BarsJackie Brown, Rosie Robinson, Cath Roderick
WO 3 hour172 - LizateKate Stallworthy, Eliza Turnbull
WO 3 hour173 - Woop WoopCatherine Low, Nadja Zeitheim, Claire Edwards
WO 3 hour174 - Bk WhoppersKim Doherty, Bonnie Wood
WO 3 hour176 - Gone GirlsMichaela Nolan, Emily Wilson
WO 3 hour179 - Sole SistersCaroline Ansley, Gill Scott Douglas, Bianca Sullivan, Alyson Rooney
WO 3 hour180 - Let's goJane Hill, Meredith Gudsell
WO 3 hour182 - Complete PodiatryRebecca Gifford, Abby Nattrass
WO 3 hour186 - A nice walkLiz de Lange, Michelle Boyle
WO 3 hour187 - Two Green FriendsAnna Wilson, Claire Harris
XJ 3 hour159 - As a PhamnNadia Houston, Alana Berry, Pieta Houston, Holly Berry, Maddie Berry
XJ 3 hour166 - Fantastic FindersFelix Hunt, Katherine Babington
XJ 3 hour184 - H&C SymonsHector Symons, Christina Symons
XO 3 hour160 - Another roadieAaron Berry, Sally Houston
XO 3 hour162 - Gone astrayMat Palmer, Amy Blair, Bryn Palmer
XO 3 hour163 - BuzzakamaAlex Shaw, Michelle Mashal
XO 3 hour165 - Smokin GunsBelinda McCone, Fergus McCone, Claude Armstrong, Kiley Bailey
XO 3 hour175 - slow pokes WWWJoanna Woods, Martin Woods, Natylis Woods, Jasiah Woods
XO 3 hour177 - Are We There Yet?Kim Jordan, Luke Jordan
XO 3 hour181 - Scrambled LegsPhillipa Shurmer, Aaron Shurmer, Thomas Davis
XO 3 hour183 - Toil and TroubleAmanda Crosby, Conor Keena
XO 3 hour185 - The NortysTamsin Page, Ned Norton, Lena Norton, Holly Norton
XV 3 hour171 - Happy HuntersScott Babington, Becky George, Matt Doogue
Total entrants for 3 hour: 93
Total entrants: 181