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Rab NZ Rogaine Champs November 23rd & 24th 
The course is on typical Central Otago high country, rocky outcrops, gold mining relics, large open ridges incised with small to large gullies. Mainly ground level vegetation, some denser vegetation in the gullies. Elevation is 600m in the North of the course going out to 1200m in the South. Check out the event website highlandevents.co.nz. Entries are open on this site.
New Time is running out. Get your team organized
Can I do this? The answer is definitely. The solution is in the planning. Plan to your abilities (and motivation).You don't have to be out all the time. Previous winners have returned to the base for food and a sleep. Don't let the word Championship put you off we have a very user friendly course suitable for all levels. And if you don't want to enter the full 24hour event there are also 3 & 6 hours options.
Event Calendar
Event Organisers, if you are planning a rogaine event that you would like to promote then please email webmaster@rogaine.org.nz.

Next Events - see the Event Calendar for more detail and for further events.
Australasian Rogaining Champs
November 9/10th 2019
  Rogaining Tasmania is excited to announce that the venue for the 2019 Australasian Rogaining Championships is St Helens, Tasmania. The event will be held on the weekend of 9 - 10 November, 2019. This fantastic rogaining area has terrain ranging from steep areas with extensive granite outcropping to flatter, more subtle terrain that was historically utilised for tin mining. The map includes the sleepy coastal township of Binalong Bay and the world famous "Bay of Fires" area, a mecca for travellers who love the outdoors. See Binalong Day and Night for more information.
World Rogaining Championships
August 1st & 2nd 2020
  These will be held in Sierra Nevada, California, USA. The competition area is about 200km2 in size, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The average altitude in the area is around 2300m, the highest point is 2665m, and the lowest point is about 1900m. Slopes are mostly moderately hilly with some steep areas and deep ravines. Snow covers the area for 7-8 months of the year, which contributes to the forest being very open and runnable with just small patches of thick vegetation. The forest ranges from open grassy areas to mainly pine forest and some rocky granite outcrops. Streams in the area will be mostly low during the summer. See WRC 2020 for more information.
For those keen, there will be a weeks of Orienteering available prior to the event. See California Orienteering Festival

Series of Short Rogaines - Break up the week.

      Hutt Valley Afterwork Rogaine Series 2019 15 May, 18 Jun, 9 Jul, 15 Aug, 12 Sep, 14 Oct, 20 Nov, Around Wellington - 90mins & 3hrs
Something to look forward to each month, the afterwork navigation league has a reputation for well run fun events. Every one is welcome. Just mention at registration that you are new and people will queue up to help you. See mapsport.co.nz/wellyrog for more details

      Mountain bike Rogaine series Sundays 29th Sep, 13th Oct, 3rd Nov - 90 minutes - Rotorua
90 Minute Rogaine - Get as many checkpoints as you want or can in 90 minutes. Awesome singletrack and forestry roads of the Whakarewarewa forest "inner-core" track network and surrounds. Kid, beginner, family and pro friendly. Your typical low key but quality OBOP club event. Go to Orienteering Bay of Plenty for information as it becomes available.

      Urban Rogaine Series Every Wednesday from Oct 9th to Dec 11th - 45 minutes at various locations around Hamilton
45min Urban Rogaine using GPS Technology on your phone. Visit as many checkpoints as you can in the time available. Some are worth more than others so make sure you choose the best ones to visit! There is a mystery activity during the event which is worth plenty of points. Don't be late back as you will lose points! For details and locations check out Orienteering Waikato or Orienteering NZ Calendar.

      Wicked Rogaines Spring Series Wednesdays 16th, 23rd & 30th October - 1 & 2 hours around Christchurch Port Hills
These events are always popular. Try to pre-enter if you can and you will be guaranteed a course that will suit your ability and you will return with a smile beaming on your face. Families and newbies are welcome. If you are not sure ask at registration and you wil be shown how to have a great time. Check out Wicked Rogaines for more details or on facebook.

      Taranaki Spring Rogaine Series Every Wednesday from Nov 6th to Dec 11th - 2 hours at various locations around New Plymouth
Navigate using an accurate map, finding landmarks and controls. Points are allocated to each control. Collect as many points as possible within time limit. Penalty points apply for late return. For details and locations check out Orienteering Taranaki or Orienteering NZ Calendar.

Alhambra Antics / Town and Around
Saturday November 2nd, Dunedin North - 6, 3 & 1.5 hours
      Based at the Opoho Scout hall, this will be mainly on streets, roads, paths with numerous loops and twists. Guaranteed to be fun.
Registration and Map issue etc:

  • 6 hour From 11am. Start Midday.
  • 3 hour From 12.45pm. Start at 1.30pm.
  • 90 minutes From 1.45pm. Start at any time between 2.00 and 3.00pm. (Entries accepted on the day)
Download information at Alhambra Antics Information
Enter now at www.rogaine.org.nz/entry/entry.php?eventId=23

Waimate School Rogaine
Saturday November 16th, Kaiwarua Station behind the Hunter Hills in Waimate
      This is great country for a rogaine and a new area that has not been explored before by rogainers. With the Friday being Canterbury Anniversary day, this is an ideal opportunity to make a long weekend of it. Download and display this flyer Waimate Rogaine 2019 or fill out this form to Enter Here

Recent Results - consult the Results page for previous results and stories.

Spring Classic - 33rd Anniversary Sunday October 13th, Seatoun Park, Hector Street, Seatoun, Wellington - 3 hours
Competitors were able to explore the beautiful Wellington coastline in places they never knew existed with incredible vistas, with native bush, pines and coastal parks.
Results at Winter Classic - Results

Port Hills Spring Rogaine Saturday 12th October, Victoria Park, Christchurch - 3 & 6 hrs
Although it started off misty with drizzle this did not deter the lucky competitors who were rewarded with an interesting course that took them over the Port Hills and even for those who visit this area often, there were plenty of new places to visit
3 hour results  6 hour results

Highland Events Spring Rogaine Saturday 14th September, Tarras, Central Otago - 12, 6 & 3hrs
Central Otago has some of the best rogaining areas in the country and the team at Highland Events know how to showcase it. Yes, it usually involves hills (some often steep) but an important part of rogaining is the planning to minimise the amount of climb. Another important part is the fun and exploring new country. This event had check-points in old mining tunnels and past the relics of gold stamps. These events are well worth the traveling time and cater for the most experienced to the beginner.
Go to highlandevents.co.nz/rogaine-results/ for results.