Checkpoint number Description
10 A tree in the gully
11 A holly tree
12 The single tree
13 The watercourse junction
20 A tree stump
21 A watercourse/gully junction
22 The tree in the gully
23 A disused building
24 The plantation, SW corner
25 The gully/watercourse junction
26 25 m W of the watercourse bend
27 The gully, NW side
28 The lower tree
29 A pine tree
30 The shelterbelt, SW corner
31 The gully
32 The shelterbelt, SE end
33 The gully, top of
34 The shelterbelt, W end
35 The fence
36 The fence bend
37 A dead tree
38 The tree
39 The saddle
40 The watercourse bend
41 The gully, top of
42 A cabbage tree
43 The gully, N side
44 Top of the gully
45 The gully
46 The gully, distinctive tree
47 The gully
48 The gully
49 The tree
50 The gully
51 The gully
52 A cabbage tree in the gully
53 The spur, N side
54 The shelterbelt bend
55 A cabbage tree, top of the gully
56 A grove of trees
57 The gully, top of
58 NW end of the shelterbelt
59 The gully, N side, a tree
60 Middle of a 30m high rocky outcrop. Access from E.
61 The pond, E side
62 End of  the spur
63 The gully
64 Centre of the small vegetation patch
65 A watercourse/gully junction
66 The rocky outcrop
67 A very small gully
68 The watercourse junction
69 Top of the cliff
70 The watercourse junction
71 The gully
72 The small copse
73 The gully
74 The gully, top of
75 The watercourse
76 The fence corner
77 The gully
78 The watercourse bend, E side
79 The vegetation edge
80 The watercourse bend
81 The gully, N side
82 A cabbage tree
83 The gully, top of
84 A bridge
85 The watercourse junction.
86 The gully
87 The watercourse bend
88 A tree in the gully
89 The fence corner
90 Middle of the gully
91 A tree in the gully
92 A rock, E side
93 The watercourse/gully junction
94 The small gully
95 The tree
96 The gully, lower part
100 The watercourse junction/pond (see course notes)
101 The watercourse
102 The gully
103 A saddle in the clearing
104 The watercourse/gully junction
105 A lone post
Road crossing checkpoints (punch each visit, 1st visit scores 15)
R1 Under road bridge 
R2 Culvert under road
R3 Shelterbelt, N end, cross with care
R4 Cross highway at intersection with care
R5 Culvert under road
R6 Under road bridge
W1 25m W of railway bridge, N bank
W2 Inside gate, E side of road
W3 At checkpoint R4
W4 At checkpoint R3
W5 On roadside near stream
W6 On roadside
W7 On vehicle track
W8 15m W of checkpoint R1
Total points      4860