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Results Analysis
(Updated 30 November 2010)

The results provided here have been produced by software developed by Australian Rogainer David Baldwin. WRC2010 thanks David for making his software available.


These results will open in a new window. The WRC2010 course is identified as Course 0.


Overall and Category Results

The distance shown is an estimate of the actual distance travelled. It is not the straight line distance. The straight line distance can be obtained from the Elevation Profile displayed in Google Earth. (David is still touring New Zealand - we will clarify this calculation after he returns to Australia, 6th December).


Leg Splits

  • The road crossing checkpoints R1, R2, ... R6 have been relabelled 1,2, ... 6.
  • Pl/Cnt gives the ranking of the team's time split for travel between checkpoints in the direction of travel. Cnt is the total number of people travelling between those checkpoints in the same direction.
  • KmRate is the time per km between the checkpoints
  • LegMin is the minimum time in the direction taken by the team. A team travelling in the opposite direction may have a faster time.


Leg Statistics

Gives the number of people travelling each way between any two checkpoints, and the corresponding minimum, mean and median times. (You may have to use the zoom on your browser - David has good eyesight).


Control Visits

Number of team visits to each checkpoint with a link to a plot showing the numbers on a course layout.


Google Earth

To use this option Google Earth must be installed on your computer. The route of any team may be viewed on the WRC2010 map overlayed on Google Earth. Zoom in and out as necessary.

  • Select a team in the sidebar to view its route
  • Display the Elevation Profile of a team's route by right-clicking on a team's name and selecting "Show Elevation Profile"
  • Slide the mouse pointer over the Elevation Profile for more detail and to display an arrow on the map showing the position of a particular elevation point.
  • The Range Total in the Elevation Profile shows the straight line distance of the route and the elevation gain/loss. Note that, because of the way it is calculated in Google Earth, the value of the gain/loss depends on your computer screen resolution. For highest accuracy use the full screen to view Google Earth and temporarily turn off the sidebar.