Competitors must agree to abide by the NZRA Code of Conduct which may be viewed at the NZRA website.

Neither the organisers nor landowners accept liability for any accident or injury to participants during the event. The team contact on the entry form must ensure all team members are aware that they participate at their own risk. All team members will be required to provide a signed indemnity form at registration.

Safety information, clothing requirements and suggestions for equipment will be included in the information package emailed to team contacts about one week before the event.

Environmental and Farm Care

Please respect the landownersÂ’ property and privacy. Their support and cooperation in permitting access to their properties for hosting this rogaine is very generous. We do not in any way wish to jeopardise the positive relationship that we have established with landowners over the years.

Some key issues are:

Access to any properties is only for the duration of the event. Possession of the map does not entitle us to access at any other time.

Scrub and Grass