Welcome to the 9th World Rogaining Championships

The New Zealand Rogaining Association welcomes all participants to the 9th World Rogaining Championships. Planning is well under way and we are looking forward to producing a memorable event for you the weekend of the 20th - 21st November 2010.


This website for the World Rogaining Championships 2010 you are now visiting is at www.rogaine.org.nz/wrc2010/. If you arrived here by automatic redirection from www.wrc2010.org.nz please update your links and addresses to www.rogaine.org.nz/wrc2010/. The automatic redirection will cease on 31st December 2013. Enquiries should be addressed to the New Zealand Rogaining Association webmaster.

This website is the principal source of information about the event. Refer to Registration for information on the registration process and procedures. Competitors seeking detailed information on the World Rogaining Championships should consult the Event Information section.

Travel and Accommodation provides important information about visiting New Zealand including visa and customs requirements as well as getting about and where to stay.

While you are in New Zealand we hope you will take the opportunity to have a look around. Activities and Tourism suggests things to see and do.

The Forum will be used to publically answer any queries that participants might have, and we hope it will act as a conduit whereby participants can share information amongst themselves.

Alerts for any new information, or changes and additions on the website, will be announced in the News and Updates section.


Event Headquarters

The event site is located in Cheviot, a small rural town in the Hurunui district, 120 kms north of the International Airport at Christchurch.

The area is all private farmland and most of the terrain is open and fast grassed farmland, with rolling hills and spur-gully terrain. A small amount of flat land lies west of Cheviot. Coastal hills to the east rise to a maximum of 423 m on Mt. Beautiful. A number of 300 m saddles provide easier access to the coast, and south of Cheviot the hills are easier, rising to between 120 and 200 m. The surrounding hills to the west vary between 200 and 300 m.

A number of minor roads and farm tracks exist, but for the most part, travel will be cross-country rather than road or track walking. Cheviot is slightly north of the centre of the proposed map, and is 60 m above sea level.


The competition area bounded by the Waiau River to the north, by the Pacific Ocean coast to the east, the Blythe Valley to the south and extending 12km to the west from State Highway One, except for public roads, is embargoed from now until the event. Any competitor violating this embargo will be disqualified from the event.


The members of the organising team hope you enjoy the Rogaine as much as we are enjoying providing it.








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